Hawaii Winter Retreat 2021

Vedanta & Tantra

Worship and Wisdom, Devotion and Discrimination, have always characterized the two main elements of religion and philosophy in India, with meditation and action supporting and complementing them.

Flowing like mighty rivers — side by side at times and merging their waters at others — these powerful pathways of divine deification and deep discernment have refined and fulfilled seeking souls for cycles of time unending. Heart-based Love of God and mind-expanding Knowledge of Nonduality then transforms life into an expression of matured spirituality that maintains human awareness at a very lofty vibrational level.

How does Vedanta work its transformative effects on the human mind; what special tools does it apply in order to purify the mental level and transport consciousness into those sublime areas of living intelligence? And what is the secret of Tantra’s ability to change the poison of relativity into the Nectar of Nonduality, doing so via sublimation and deification rather than the route of outright renunciation taken by the acetics? This intriguing twofold subject will get scrutinized for the benefit of all in attendance, shedding light on these two Eternal Paths.

Location: Hamakua, Big Island of Hawaii

Arrival: Thursday, December 16th, by 6pm / Departure: Monday, December 20th at 12:00 noon

Tuition, Meals, & Lodging: Shared rooms, $515/person; Private room, $565; Tenting, $415-465/person

Registration: Begins now. Tuition is due by November 27th

Register: by email or by phone 808-990-3354

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