Fall Retreat 2011

Hidden Lake Lodge

SRV’s Autumn Retreat, October 6th – October 9th
The Mental Sadhana of Yoga:
Climbing the Eight-Limbed Tree of Classic Yoga

Babaji Bob Kindler will present essential facets of Yoga, the science of mental control that prepares one for Samadhi, absorption in perfect Freedom and Bliss.

This first Raja Yoga retreat ever given by Babaji was presented in Hawaii last June.  He is offering it again for mainland students.   The Mental Sadhana of Yoga features most of Babaji’s 16 charts on Patanjala Yoga and a few others.  Each limb is covered deeply, with especial attention given to pratyahara and dharana (withdrawing the mind from objects and concentration), the pivotal limbs that either prevent or assure that samadhi is reached. 

“Most of us know how adept Babaji is at integrating the different darshanas/philosophical systems.  At our retreat in Hawaii he did this to a superlative degree within the context of the 8 Limbed Yoga of Patanjali in the realm of method, practice, and realization. Gaps were filled in with regard to the essential limbs of pratyahara and dharana, as well as a deeper understanding of prana from its basic import to psychic prana and beyond.”  — student

Hidden Lake YurtLocation/Setting: Serenely situated in the Cascade hills, Hidden Lake Retreat center, with its tall fir trees, and woodsy gardens and pathways just inviting quiet, solitary reflection, will be site of this year’s Autumn Retreat.   Eagle Creek is only 45 minutes from Portland, Oregon.  Hidden Lake offers several kinds of accommodations and pricings from beautiful rooms to covered porches to camping.  The weather at this time of year is often some of the most beautiful.  Nights are cooler, days can be warm.  But it is also possible that we will have rain.  So please be prepared for a variety of possibilities.

Arrival: Thursday, October 6 after 3pm and by 6:00pm for dinner
Departure: Sunday, October 9 after dinner.  (Staying through dinner is required)

Hidden Lake roomCosts:
Tuition & meals: $360 (Accommodations are separate)
Accommodations (determined separately): Please see registration form for more details as there are a lot of choices, including camping.

Financial hardship?  Call 808-990-3354 to discuss options.
Registration starts now and tuition is due September 23.
(Tuition must be timely for this retreat as all fees are due to Hidden Lake one week prior to our retreat.)
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