Summer Retreat near the American River

Vivekananda & True Freedom

SwamijiJuly 3 – July 10, 2012

Swami Vivekananda received the boon of choosing the day of his mahasamadhi and departed his body on July 4th, 1902, giving new meaning to our “day of liberation.” True Freedom (moksha) is the ever-present nature of the Soul – beyond bodies, states, and conditions of any kind.  How do the enlightened express this in their lives?  How do they teach this highest wisdom to qualified students?  How do they help aspiring beings become qualified to realize True Freedom?  With the great Swami’s life and teachings at hand, Babaji Bob Kindler will spend seven days at the American River with all those who are ready to remove the veils of ignorance and bondage from the mind and live each moment in True Freedom.

The SRV Summer Retreat is our yearly opportunity for all ages to come together and live the spiritual life with guru and sangha. With its constituent of youth and children, this retreat allows for a blend of teaching transmission that is both transforming and rare in this day and age.

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StillwatersConcurrent Children’s Retreat
Children, ages 6 to approximately 13 have their own simultaneous retreat.  Activities include “salute to the sun,” morning ritual and meditation, Vedantic stories and lessons, arts and crafts.  Classes are held across the seasonal river and over the Dharma Bridge. The children have their break with the adults and enjoy healthy snacks.  After the late morning session everyone proceeds to the river for the afternoon. Upon return is a time of quiet reading, supervised by parents, followed by dinner.  Children and adults attend evening satsang with Babaji, a precious close to a day full of truth and dharma.

Teens & Young Adults participate in a special afternoon meeting led by a senior sangha mentor that focuses on Swami Vivekananda’s teachings in Karma Yoga and how to live a spiritual life in the world.

TwinfallsLocation: Private land in Foresthill, California near the American River
Arrival: Arrive after 4pm, Tuesday, July 3

Tuition (all inclusive):
Adults: $680 (full retreat)

            $270 (weekend, arrive Friday


Children/Students: $340 (full retreat)

            $135 (weekend, arrive Friday)


Registration starts now and tuition is due by Sunday, June 24.
Financial hardship?  Call 808-990-3354 to discuss options.
Register by email: or by phone 808-990-3354

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