White Crane, White Swan

White Crane, White Swan — 

Zen Buddhism & Advaita Vedanta


A Memorial Day Weekend Retreat
Babaji Bob Kindler, SRV Spiritual Director
May 23 – 27th <> Wind River region, WA

In SRV Associations, Babaji presents Lord Buddha’s teachings as part of a comprehensive understanding of the Advaitic, non-dual Wisdom and Yogic pathways to Freedom that Mother India supplies in abundance.  Buddhist philosophy is known to have influenced Patanjali’s Yoga sutras.  Gaudapada, the great commentator of the Mandukyo Upanisad, and Nagarjuna, the illustrious Buddhist sage and philosopher, both influenced Buddhist and Vedantic schools.   Babaji Bob Kindler, who holds a dual spiritual heritage via initiation into the Ramakrishna lineage and Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism, will present essential and practical teachings for our inspiration, deeper insight, and daily practices.


This retreat is our first to take place on the sprawling properties of Windwood Waters in the Columbia Gorge.  The main lodge where classes will be held is situated in the forest above the Wind River.   The lodge has been remodeled from its earlier homestead days – natural wood beams and columns, plentiful windows, and the sunken fireplace area all make for a unique, rustic and comfortable setting – a perfect modern forest ashram for our time in holy company.

Location: Near Stevenson, WA, directions given out before retreat.

Arrival: Thursday, May 23, after 3:00pm and by 6:00pm dinner

Departure: Monday, May 27, 1:00pm (approximately, we may have cleanup to do)


  • Tuition and meals: $375
  • ViewLodging:
    1. private room single, $240;
    2. private room shared with 1 – 2 others, $160/person;
    3. semi-private lodge sleeping, $120*;
    4. Tenting, $80*
    5. *bring your own bedding

Registration: Starts now.  Tuition and lodging fees are due by May 9th (mailed to Hawaii office). Download Registration Form here.

Register by email: srvinfo@srv.org or by phone 808-990-3354

Cancellations: After May 13, lodging and meal costs are not refundable

Financial hardship?  Call 808-990-3354 to discuss options.