White Crane, White Swan (2)

White Crane, White Swan — 

Zen Buddhism & Advaita Vedanta


A Weekend Retreat
Babaji Bob Kindler, SRV Spiritual Director
June 27 – 30th <> Honokaa, Hawaii

In SRV Associations, Babaji presents Lord Buddha’s teachings as part of a comprehensive understanding of the Advaitic, non-dual Wisdom and Yogic pathways to Freedom that Mother India supplies in abundance.  Buddhist philosophy is known to have influenced Patanjali’s Yoga sutras.  Gaudapada, the great commentator of the Mandukyo Upanisad, and Nagarjuna, the illustrious Buddhist sage and philosopher, both influenced Buddhist and Vedantic schools.   Babaji Bob Kindler, who holds a dual spiritual heritage via initiation into the Ramakrishna lineage and Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism, will present essential and practical Honokaa ashram viewteachings for our inspiration, deeper insight, and daily practices.

Join us for 3 full days at our beautiful Hawai’I ashram overlooking the Pacific ocean. Surrounded by lush vegetation and the tropical sounds of frogs, birds, and the native chuckling gecko, we will dive deeply into the nondual Wisdom & Devotion that transcends the beauty of nature and leads to abiding peace, contentment, bliss, and realization of our birthless, deathless Self.

Location: Honokaa SRV Ashram, Hawaii Island

Honokaa ashramArrival: Thursday, June 27th for 6:00pm dinner

Departure: Sunday, June 30th, 5:30pm or so (after afternoon class)


  • Tuition: $275 
  • Food: about $40 additional

Accommodations: We will share space in all the bedrooms of the house Honokaa classroom(mahalo to our residents!) and also put up a tent on the deck. Sleeping space on the lanai is possible if the weather is dry, and we have mosquito nets for “lanai campers.” You may need to provide your own sleeping mats. Bring a camp cot if you have one.

Registration: Due now.  Closes June 24th. 

Register by email: srvinfo@srv.org or by phone 808-990-3354