SRV Sanga News

devi3Jessica Fritts of La Grande, Oregon was initiated in Portland and received the name Daivi Devi, which translates as “Divine Goddess.”

Daivi Devi recently started a new business called “Errand Angels,” which is an errand service. This new business offers great teachings in the practice of Karma Yoga. Babaji has been extremely helpful in guiding her through the challenges and opportunities that come with running a business. She finds mantra practice instrumental in maintaining daily focus as well as daily reading of scripture, such as the Bhagavad Gita. Her husband Scott is also a devotee.


prakasha2Ben Cavalcanti was initiated in San Francisco and received the name Prashanta Prakasha, which means “all-pervading peace.”

Prashanta Prakasha was a former resident at the Portland Ashram where his steady, calm presence was appreciated. He is a fine artist as well as a graphic designer, and many of us in the Portland sangha enjoyed a viewing of his paintings before his departure back to San Francisco. Those of us who have attended a retreat with him have marveled at his book of class notes, which are always very creatively illustrated.  His peaceful presence is well epitomized in his new spiritual name.

Prashanta Prakasha is now residing in Oakland with his partner, Sarah.  They are expecting their first child in May. He is continuing to work on his art and music while helping Sarah and preparing for fatherhood. He says that SRV is now a part of his life, and that he wants to follow in the path of the direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna.