Spring Retreat over Memorial Day

Manasana: The Art of Mental Posture

May 21 – 25th, 2015
Wind River region, Washington


The most beneficial usage of an asana is mental, not physical. As the scriptures of India declare,

“Not by hundreds and thousands of body postures,
but by control of the mind,
does the soul reach Enlightenment.”

In SRV’s Spring retreat at Windwood Waters near the Columbia River Gorge in Washington state, participants and practitioners of all ages will learn about the wealth of mental postures that the mind can adopt, as well as how to apply them in order to render the soul balanced and peaceful and gain that everlasting state of yogic equilibrium that is conducive to Self-realization in this life.


sprg puaLocation: Windwood Waters retreat site near Stevenson, WA
Arrival: Thursday, May 21, between 4:00 & 9:00 pm
Departure: Monday, May 25, 1:00pm
Starts now. Tuition & lodging are due by May 18th
Costs: Tuition and meals: $390; Students: $205 (lodging additional)
Lodging: private room single, $240; private room shared with
1-2 others, $160/person; semi-private lodge sleeping, $120*; Tenting, $80* [*bring your own bedding/towels]Register by email: srvinfo@srv.org or phone 808-990-3354. 
Credit cards are accepted and requires an additional 4% handling charge.