Sri Sarada Vijnanagita (Holy Mother’s Song of Wisdom)
Her teachings, selected and arranged in verse form
by Babaji Bob Kindler

Sri Sarada Devi, 1853 -1920, the wife and spiritual consort of Sri Ramakrishna, is known widely as The Holy Mother. After the passing of Sri Ramakrishna, though leading a life of spiritual retirement and great modesty, She was nonetheless the spiritual guide of the Ramakrishna Order founded by Swami Vivekananda, one of the largest growing spiritual forces of this day with centers around the world, including many in the U.S.


The uniqueness of the Sri Sarada Vijnanagita [Sri Sarada Devi’s Song of Wisdom] lies in the fact that it conveys a steady stream of Her wisdom unimpeded by the daily occurrences generally recorded along with Her teachings. Reading the Sri Sarada Vijnanagita from cover to cover conveys to us some degree of Her enlightenment. It informs us as well that this sublime state called realization, consists of more than just lofty knowledge and razor sharp insight but includes as well compassion devoid of sentimentality, unflagging and selfless service, pure and unwavering devotion to God, and uncompromising adherence to Truth. In addition, Her disarming practicality comes forth and amazes us as well, especially in the face of who She truly is.

The real value of Her teachings, set here in poetic verse, lie in noncompromise….For those who want liberation and pure love for God, then, She is the eternal Light which illumines the well-chosen and well-defined path to Reality and the perfect exemplar of that precious way as well. As one hymn to Her declares, “Oh Holy Mother, You are mother, wife, nun, teacher, saint and goddess all in one.”