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Ajativada & Aparinami (Non-birth & Non-Transformation)
Atman is Brahman, but right now It is identified with the Five Sheaths.

Upanisad: If you take this word apart, it means that if you draw near the teacher, the knots of ignorance will be destroyed.  [Upanisads are the 4th part of the Vedas and are the scriptures expressing the nondual realizations of the ancient seers.]

The rishis started with two laws:
1 - Reality is birthless and deathless. (Ajativada)
2 - Transformation doesn't happen in Reality. (Aparinama)

Sankalpa (creative imagining) can be a positive evil; everyone is doing it, from the Trinity to the earth dwellers.

Taking the internal and the external and making them one, meditate on that, and remove all distinctions. (Vivekachudamani)  This is the business of the spiritual aspirant.

[Speaking of those engaged in the various sciences who regard matter as the highest reality:] It's just change.  You're studying something that changes with a mind that changes -- a mind that is restless or dull.  And then you go on describing nature and matter from that constantly alternating state of mind.

We think in terms of gods and goddesses because we don't understand anything higher than a body.  But when you get beyond body, you realize yourself by degrees and gradations as all-pervasive Consciousness.
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