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Divine Mother
And what about dynamic reality?  That is in Ma's hands.  If you want free of the worlds, you propitiate Ma.  That is salvation, that which you get from another Soul or a Savior.  But Liberation is another matter.  You have to realize that for yourself.

Tantra and Vedanta go side by side.  Vedanta kills quickly, and Tantra gives you all the rope you need to hang yourself in the end.  "With jnanam (knowledge) and dhyanam (meditation) combined with bhakti (devotion), you shall reach Me." (Ma Durga in the Srimad Devi Bhagavatam).

To know the Mother is to know something very subtle.  Connect Her with Advaita, nonduality.

There can be no liberation without knowledge of the Wisdom Mother.

Worship of Kali gives Kaivalya, mukti, nirvana, etc.  Worship of lesser deities confers gauna mukti (release amongst the lesser deities).

[In the Srimad Devi Bhagavatam, Mother Durga teaches the Himalayas about the stages of bhakti.  About Supreme Bhakti She states:] "The one endowed with supreme bhakti hears always My Glories, recites always My Names, desires nothing, not even Samipya (to be dear to Me) or other forms of salvation, nor even liberation.  He doesn't forsake service. He loves Me only and thinks of himself as Bhagavati (the beloved Universal Mother) and sees all as filled with My Consciousness...."
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