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The problems found in religions are put there by God.  They are there to help us first to strengthen our spiritual muscles and then to transcend dharma.  As Sri Krishna says to His beloved disciple, Arjuna, "Abandon all dharmas and take refuge to Me."

There's a difference between morals/ethics and dharma, and between dharma and Truth. [Dharma adds the dimension of spiritual practice that purifies the mind.  Truth is ever pure, and thus transcends dharma too.]

Pithy Points to Ponder
People cut themselves in the image of the Lord or Mother by repeating the Name of God.

Those who say you can't prove Truth haven't done their sadhana [have not engaged in spiritual disciplines].

As Swami Aseshanandaji would say, "No mind, never matter; no matter, never mind."  That is to say that if there is no mind, the universe of names and forms will not be there, since mind projects all this.  And on the flip side, if there is no matter about, then You will know that mind is not vibrating anymore.  Then you can rest easy, free of birth, growth, disease, decay, old age, and death.....

"Think outside the box," say the ordinary beings.
"Think outside the mind," says the seer to the materialist.
"Think outside the bun," says Taco Bell to the burger chains.

Samadhi is not an experience, but one's natural awareness.  Therefore, take all experiences, good, bad, and mixed, as signs along the way to realization.

We are having samadhi of objects all the time, and overlaying on it boredom, anxiety, etc.

The intellect drags you around, from this world to that world.  The ego enjoys the ride!

If you know a thing, then immediately it stops haunting you and you have power over it. [Understand the tattvas, the Cosmic Principles]

Keep track of Principles and you'll get liberation.  Keep track of personalities and you'll get recycled.  [Babaji often quotes Swami Vivekananda, "Principles are more important than people." This has multiple layers of meanings, one interpretation referring to the importance of knowing the Cosmic Principles of Sankhya for the purpose of being able to discriminate between the Self and the non-Self.]

(suddenly producing a newspaper during class, Babaji indicated an advertisement there, and said:) This ad declares, "What is real mocha?  Well, I say they got it wrong.  It should read, "What is real Moksha?!  The worldy beings are always missing the point....

In spiritual pursuits, True, Real, and Beneficial replaces good, pleasant and happy.

"Whatever there is of God here in this world, I will find it."  This should be our attitude.

Antaryami: Inner Ruler immortal, seated in the heart.  This is not the ego-self.  So do not get inflated; get inspired!
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