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Tending Brahman’s Blaze

“One lights the fire, ten bask in its heat.”

The authentic spiritual preceptor is like a huge blaze which destroys all limitation and imperfection immediately or over time, depending on the degree of commitment and intensity in the aspirant. Around this fire, which burns through the grace and sacrifice of the Divine Mother of the Universe, sit perfect beings, luminaries, sincere seekers, struggling beings and forlorn wanderers. They “bask in the heat” of this wisdom fire, thanking their lucky stars, as it were, for the good fortune to be present at this auspicious moment in time.

This fire contains the wood of pure devotion, self-surrender, sacrificial offerings, heartfelt desires and the power to destroy accumulated transgressions. It burns spontaneously, without regard for consequences and with complete efficiency, all that is offered into it. The ashes of its remains are smeared across the brows of those who are through with the vanity and vexation of limited existence and who desire only close communion with the pristine Self within resulting in immersion into Brahman.

This blaze springs up in other locations throughout relativity, wherever beings gather to share, sacrifice or achieve purification through study, devotion and austerity. This fire is Guru, which removes the cold of suffering and ignorance from the mind, for it is not only heat but also light that emanates there. By that light thousands are led to Truth and by its heat thousands more are relieved of suffering. May Divine Mother light and tend many such fires.

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