Archetypal Pattern

An Archetypal Pattern Reading
By Archetypal Associates

Shannon Pernetti and Diane Steinbrecher, LCSW, PC, are Certified Archetypal Pattern Analysts in private practice in Portland, Oregon, faculty of the Assisi Institute For The Study of Archetypal Pattern Analysis in Vermont, and co-lead trainings in Archetypal Pattern Analysis in Portland, Oregon. They have both been in practice since 1970.

2 session consultation is a $400 value

The Archetypal Pattern Reading is a 2 session consultation.  It entails the gathering of information about:
·      ~ your early beginnings,
·      ~ your current life,
·      ~ any major events that have impacted you,
·      ~ patterns you have noticed throughout your life
·      ~ reoccuring dreams
·      ~ current dreams that are informing your life

In a pattern reading, we look at:

  • your core archetpal patterns
  • your archetypal alignments to those patterns
  • where you are in archetypal development
  • your next steps to shift the above to a more generative place in your life