Yoga in the ShadowsYoga in the Shadows
directed by Bruce Kubert
This is a documentary in the making.  Bruce will be on hand to discuss this project.

“Yoga in the Shadows” will examine the role that Yoga is playing in the personal recovery of individuals whose stories and perhaps tragedies have led them to jails and prisons, low-income and homeless shelters, teen centers, domestic violence shelters and drug and alcohol recovery centers. Patterns of poverty and abuse, addiction and desperation, the sense of a lack of self worth, helplessness and hopelessness emerge. Whether one has been incarcerated in a literal prison doing time for past deeds committed or living in a figurative prison created by addiction and abuse, tools exist with which individuals may heal themselves and regain a measure of self control over their lives and bodies. One such tool is Yoga. You can visit their website at

Living Yoga, an ongoing program in some Oregon State Prisons and in the Portland community is also featured in this documentary.


Vipassana Meditation in Prisons
A representative from the Vipassana Meditation organization founded by Mr. S. N. Goenka will show a trailer from one of their inspiring documentaries.  You can visit their website at