The River of Mother’s Grace is always flowing

The River of Mother’s Grace is always flowing


Dear devotees, disciples, students, and friends of SRV Associations:

As readers of SRV’s Mundamala newsletter, you have received many messages from me over the past twenty years.  These also come to you in Nectar of Nondual Truth, and orally at classes and retreats, and over Youtube as well.  Basically, my “message” has always fundamentally been the same: I affirm the nondual Truth of Mother India and proclaim that dharma, dharma, and more dharma is the way to It.  Further, I encourage sadhana along the spiritual path attended with guidance from the preceptor and study of the revealed scriptures.  This triple level method has been effective in producing myriad illumined souls out of the very material of this earth, as it were.  To convince all of you of this Truth, and everyone who comes near, has been my task in this life.

The summer approaches, and with it our tradition of meeting at Foresthill on the American River for six days to dive deep into the essence of Mother Wisdom.  In addition to the bliss and peace we enjoy together on retreat every year at this time, there is also the hidden importance in this repeated act of coming together in the dharma.  If all were to suddenly perceive this import, unveiled, then even those who drag their feet and seldom attend would come flocking to it, free of reticence and ready to receive their personal share of the precious freedom of Enlightenment.

We may think of the American River as a major Nadi, or nerve-current, full of the Waters of Eternal Life, and that is always and ever flowing to the heart of Divine Mother Reality.  When we meet and sit to contemplate the dharma teachings just one or two miles from its interminable flow, we court the very awakening of Kundalini Shakti Herself.  Imagine, then, having done so for well over twenty years….meeting together and sitting beside Her wisdom waters, watching them glide by under the brilliant sunshine of nondual Awareness, hearing them rush and gurgle with the sacred sound of AUM that is Her (and our) Source.

We swim, then, and sail, in liquid waters and in wisdom waters.  Who would not want to wax eloquent, even at the thought of such a thought.  As our founder, Lex Hixon and myself, collaborating on one of Ramprasad’s devotional-wisdom songs together, put it:

Precious brothers and sisters, can you hear that distant sound sweeping towards us?  Like the approach of a great flood, the powerful Names of Sarada and Ramakrishna are storming the boundaries of relative existence, like a surging ocean of ecstatic bliss, annihilating the imaginary boundaries between matter and spirit!

The courageous devotee who stands before the onrush of these waves of pure Knowledge beholds the dissolution of the entire phenomenal universe as it is swept away in an overwhelming conflagration of unifying Love.  Oh, what an awesome sight, what an unimaginable experience!

Can you sense the sweet spiritual wind of Their pervasive Presence?  Why not raise your sail to catch it?  Strike off the moorings which tie the boat of your aspiring mind to the harbor of mundane attachments.  Sing Ma, Ma, Ma, pray earnestly for Their Grace, and take refuge in Kali – the Divine Mother of the Universe!

 I will see you, then, at the next Flood-Tide of the American River — which is not an Armageddon-like catastrophe signaling death and the end of the world, but rather the submersion of world-weary minds into the fearless, boundless Sea of Immortality — a total inundation of one’s entire being into the oceanic Presence of Divine Mother Reality.  As the poet-saint, sings: “This is the worship that disappoints death….”

Babaji Bob Kindler
Spiritual Director
SRV Associations