Nectar of Non-Dual Truth No. 11

Table of Contents for #11  
6 The Nectar of Advaitic Instruction
Compelling and intriguing questions from our Readers.

10 The Motherhood of God
by O. P. Sharma
Sri Sarada Devi, the Holy Mother, is both a living spiritual entity and the inspiration for a burgeoning organization based on selfless service. For an ever-growing multitude of devotees, She also epitomizes the true meaning of the principle of God as Mother.

12 The Conquest of Fear
by Swami Aseshananda
Beyond dualistic theology, outside the boundaries of the finite mind, and transcendent of any subject-object relationship, is the nondual experience of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. It is only here that the presence of fear is dissolved forever.

18 Vedanta and Devotion
by C. S. Shah
In the everyday practice of a sincere seeker’s spiritual life, attempting to find common ground wherein the loftiest nondual wisdom and the deepest heartfelt devotion harmoniously coalesce often proves a quandary. This sometimes perplexing enigma finds right resolution in the art of the insightful integration of jnana and bhakti, including all forms of Yoga.

20 Communion with Mother India
In December and January of 2002/03, a group of SRV devotees made another pilgrimage to the sacred Motherland of India. Described herein are some of their many profound experiences.

24 Physics and Vedanta
by John Dobson
Must physical science and spiritual science ever be at odds? Or is it possible for the contemporary scientist to see beyond relative laws and perceive and acknowledge the subtle conscious force, the “Oneness” that underlies the cosmos? As John Dobson puts it: “Space is not that which separates the many, but that which seems to separate the one. And in that space that Oneness shines, therefore falls whatever falls.”

26 Practical Vedanta
by Dattatreya Dave Coryell
As Vedanta and its influence slowly begins to permeate the world at large and the minds of sensitive living beings, individuals desirous of transformation strive to work its timeless tenets not only into their spiritual practice, but into their relationships, family lives, and business affairs as well.

28 Mantra and Method
by Babaji Bob Kindler
Using one of Sri Ramakrishna’s fine teachings, the classic method of instructing students in the practice of Japa is elucidated, inclusive of the step-by-step explanation of inner visualization necessary to make it successful and fruitful.

30 Mistaking Pebbles for Pearls
by Rabbi Rami Shapiro
In the Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna states that “He who sees action in inaction and inaction in action, he truly knows.” Then dawns, as the Bible puts it, “the Peace that Passeth all understanding.” The subtle dynamics of this enigmatic stillness of pure Being is explored in-depth by Rabbi Shapiro in this provocative article.