Nectar of Non-Dual Truth No. 13

Table of Contents for #13  
6 The Nectar of Advaitic Instruction
Compelling and intriguing questions from our readers.

12 The Three Transformations
of Consciousness in Yoga

by Babaji Bob Kindler
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, elucidated by the great commentator, Vedavyasa, point out three distinct but interconnected phases of the mind’s consciousness on its way to awakening again to its highest nature.

17 God on the Mountain Path
by Father Abbot Joseph Homick
The desire for heavenly realms in the minds of adherents to religious traditions such as Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam have created a dualistic mindset wherein divisions in an essentially homogenous Reality are assumed. Other than the very real possibility of transcendence of mind and all it projects, there is also the subtle and oft-overlooked truth of “heaven on earth,” which signifies a truer and fuller rendering of the idea of immanent Reality.

20 Dogen’s Twining Vines
by Kyogen Carlson
The truth of nondualism does not reduce Reality to a state of nothingness, but rather reveals and clarifies all the intricate shades of meaning which infill dharma and its practice while purifying the many intimate dynamics of inter-relationships between the striving human mind and essential Buddha Nature.

23 Transcendence and Immanence
by Professor Sivaramkrishna
From the highest flights of Consciousness plunged in nondual samadhi, to the most foundational precepts of man and his relationship with mind, senses and nature, one Reality abides. It is that Verity which permeates the apparently separate modes of Being and becoming, infusing them both with sheer Awareness.

25 Holy Mother’s Mind Management Techniques
by Sumita Roy
The negativities of an uncontrolled mind not only cause immense personal suffering, they also weave their way into the diverse activities of the collective consciousness as well, wreaking havoc there. Sri Sarada Devi, taught and exemplified many practical solutions in this regard, a Mano Yoga which effectively engaged and dispatched all problems and impediments barring the mind’s natural peace and equanimity.

28 True Universalization
by O. P. Sharma
Beyond the attainment of material goods and an open accessibility to all regions which epitomize this age of globalization, beings desperately need the spiritual qualities found in the comprehension of universalization as it pertains to the awakened mind and open heart of an aspiring human being.

29 Remembering Kalu Rinpoche
by Lex Hixon
One of the most authentic and adept spiritual teachers of the time, Kalu Rinpoche traveled throughout the West, transmitting and demonstrating in his own life the precepts of Buddha Dharma to all who were fortunate enough to listen.