Nectar of Non-Dual Truth No. 27

Table of Contents for #27  
10 Ramakrishna Movement in Nepal
by Dr. Jagadish Ghosh
The superlative presence and work of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa lives on and spreads under the auspices of Swami Vivekananda’s great mission, which presently is positively influencing India’s close neighbor.

14 Tiers of Causation
by Babaji Bob Kindler
In a follow up article from our last issue of Nectar on the cosmic principles of Time and Space, the related subject of Causation is addressed on a host of gradated and interconnected levels.

22 The Crest Jewel of Jain Scriptures
by Swami Brahmeshananda
The beauty of the Jain Scriptures is brought out here in lucid fashion, discussing such high-minded principles as the five vows of a Jain — self-inquiry, nonviolence, self-conquest, vigilance, and soul-nature.

25 Cosmic and Individual
by Annapurna Sarada
Just as the people of the world seek to establish connections which will be fortuitous for their lives in relativity, so too do deep thinkers draw correlations amidst the wisdom teachings of religious pathways to better our spiritual lives — as is instanced in this fine article.

32 Pavilion of Light
by Sheikh al-Jerrahi
Beyond daily habits and conventions, day to day affairs, pleasures of the senses and even art and inspiring poetry, is that exalted plane of thinking wherein lies what the Sufis term a Pavilion of Light.  A Pavilion has no walls; it is open on all sides so that its salubrious Light can flood out and wash over all beings.

38 The Jesus Way of Meditation
by John Francis
Perception of Jesus as he truly was — a universally-minded, wandering renunciate with a world mission to fulfill — necessarily brings forth his natural inclination towards meditation.  This article lends long overdue credence to this form of yoga, which is heralded by the seers as being the crowning achievement of a well-developed spiritual life.

41 Overcoming Obstacles to Meditation
by Michael J. Isaacs
To the devotee, practitioner, and adept versed in the traditional eastern path and the goal, meditation is an art already well in hand, but to those westerners for whom this practice is new, a therapeutical approach may bring early success in overcoming preliminary obstacles lurking in the untrained mind.

48 Nepalese Dance of Deity Yoga
by Helen Appell
The arts, when turned away from the goal of mere entertainment, and consciously towards the sacred, act as spiritual pathways in their own right.  Here, Nepalese dance is inspected for its visual beauty and deep spiritual symbology.

51 The Awakening of Power
by Swami Aseshananda
Without even announcing its appearance and advent into the world, the spiritual power (shakti/pratibha) latent in the human soul surfaces of its own accord, often spontaneously, and transmits its salient effects upon life, mind, and human activity.

56 Vivekananda & the Formless Brahman
by Paravasta Sam Bailey
In testament to the incomparable disciple of a past Master, and the fullest expression of a true universal teacher of the world in our times, this offering on  Swami Vivekananda integrates the qualities of this illumined soul with the the nondual presence of the all-pervasive Reality — Brahman.  In this way can the greatest statements from the revealed scriptures, such as “Aham Brahmasmi, I am Brahman,” ring true to our hearts, ushering in the deep empathy so necessary for humanity’s comprehensive understanding.



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