Nectar of Non-Dual Truth No. 31

Table of Contents for #31  
10 Essence of Advaita Vedanta, Part 3
by Alexander Hixon
The final installment of Lex Hixon’s three talks on Advaita Vedanta finds him selecting and commenting on a few of the choicest and most engaging slokas of Gaudapada’s famous Karika on Nonduality, replete with examples of realized souls who exemplify it and words about those who pretend or misunderstand it.

17 Jain Monasticism
by Swami Brahmeshananda
Continuing onward with his thorough and most informative series of articles on the peaceful religion of the Jains, all based upon his own direct past experi- ence of them while on pilgrimage to their holy sites in India, Swami Brahmeshananda delivers deep insights into both the life and history of the monks of this exemplary world religion.

22 Memorizing Scripture
by Annapurna Sarada
The yogic tradition of Svadhyaya, recitation and mem- orization of slokas and sutras of the revealed scriptures of India, is given an indepth and hands-on inspection in this article, revealing it as an indispensable spiritual tool and discipline for the sincere aspirant after Truth.

27 Householders, Sadhana, & Spirituality
by Babaji Bob Kindler
The collapsing family life of present day society, and the unfortunate fragmentation of mind that causes it, can be rendered whole once again by the implementa- tion of time-tested spiritual disciplines into daily life.

32 Menschcraft
by Rabbi Rami Shapiro
Careful observance of the challenges of everyday life play an important part in many of the religions of the world, such as maintaining a strict moral stance in Christianity, adherence to the dharma by chaste Hindus, and the mindfulness practices of various Buddhist schools. Judaism is no different in this regard, being well-known for encountering and dealing with life in the world in a joyful and balanced fashion.

38 A Return to Christian Advaita
by Father Bruno Barnhart
This reprint of Father Barnhart’s offering on Christian Advaita, as seen in Nectar of Nondual Truth, Winter, 2002, is placed here in honor of his passing on November 28th, 2015. His connection to India’s non- dualism is instanced in his words, “Unitive Reality lives at the heart of the Western spiritual traditions, but it has rarely been expressed there with the directness and purity with which we find it in the Hindu and Buddhist literature.”

40 Physics and Vedanta
by John Dobson
Before he passed away in January of 2014, our beloved Vedantic spiritual brother said: “Space is not that which separates the many, but that which seems to separate the one. And in that space that Oneness shines, therefore falls whatever falls.”

42 Ethics and Spirituality
by Swami Aseshananda
Notably, there is a marked difference between ethical life and dharmic life. Whereas the former sets up the latter so that the precious dharma can work on the important level of religious life, the enforcement of ethics alone, devoid of knowing what lies beyond them, can be a substantial block to spiritual progress.

49 Zen Principles & Distractionsby Babaji Bob Kindler
The razor’s edged spiritual path can be more easily and successfully navigated if advance notice of certain impositions known to past masters are heeded early on. In this brief article, which utilizes an explanatory chart of several of these obstacles, common but aggravating impediments to Zen practice are noted, reminding the aspirant to stay the course and remain on vigil.

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