Nectar of Non-Dual Truth No. 7

Table of Contents for #7  

7 The Nectar of Advaitic Instruction
Questions from our Readers
Solutions for questions and problems in relativity are answered from the nondual perspective in this second installment of advaitic instruction.

12 The Metaphysics of Forgiveness
by Kenneth Wapnick
Knowing that the Course in Miracles is strongly influenced by Vedanta, we contacted Kenneth Wapnick via a mutual friend and he sent us this short expose on the art and dynamics of forgiveness.

14 Spiritual Striving: an Encomium
by Babaji Bob Kindler
The Vedic tradition contains a myriad of timeless teachings, well arranged for the sincere aspirant. Herein, many are gathered and presented in verse form – Fifty-eight verses of Encomium on the Excellence of Self-effort.

18 An Interview with Rabbi Michael Lerner
by Michael Lerner and the SRV Staff
In Nectar’s first in person interview, Rabbi Michael Lerner treats us to a diverse perspective of Jewish philosophy, Jewish spiritual practice, and his own views on the necessary simultaneous transformation of both external social structures and inner spiritual life.

23 Swami Vivekananda’s Service of God in Mankind
Compiled quotes and pictures from Swamiji’s life and teachings.
No matter how far progressed or far off the track our insight into spiritual life becomes, we can and must always refer to the harbinger of Eastern philosophical thought in this day and age, Swami Vivekananda. By keenly studying this important messenger of all that is best and beneficial in human existence, we will deftly and wisely return ourselves again and again to our primal Source. As one musical testament to him declares: “With a glance filled with compassion, he shatters the confusing morass of negativity while conferring the sought after boons of fulfillment and liberation.”

25 Hearing Vedanta: Yajna – Sacrifice
by Annapurna Sarada
In how many diverse and often limited ways are words like detachment, discrimination and renunciation thought of by contemporary society. But spiritual life demands a very unique grasp of such terms, one of them being the partly forgotten but all-important tenet of sacrifice.