Vedanta for the Neighborhood

Vedanta for the Neighborhood

Portland sangha members have long considered placing something in front of the ashram to hold schedules and other literature.  After moving to the Hawthorne district in 2012, we noticed that some houses in our neighborhood had craftsman style miniature houses on posts with books of various kinds in them.  These seem to represent a low key urban movement called “The Little Library.” 

neighbour01 neighbour02
Phase I & II 

Our two India Day celebrations also inspired us to find additional ways to keep sharing Swami Vivekananda’s books and introductory Vedantic literature with the public in an accessible manner.  One of our sangha brothers, Yogakala, volunteered to make one for the Portland ashram that will hold Vedanta books for adults and children, and the ashram’s schedules.  You can see the progress below!  He says the materials have cost about $100.  Perhaps others would like to put one in their neighborhood?

neighbour03 neighbour04

A sneak preview before the windowed door gets put on and the library is painted.  Looks like there’s room for a shelf if our library is busy!

And here is a sample of a finished little library that is similar in style to ours.  (photo from