Retreat Reflections 2013

Windwoodsm shrine2White Crane, 
White Swan —

Zen Reflections I, Oregon Spring

The beautiful forested homestead in the land of the Wind River (in the Columbia River Gorge) and the wonderful family that stewards this land, welcomed us into retreat last Spring; lovingly grounding us all in zen stillness.

Babaji, dressed in black, led us deep into the teachings of Zen, 52 generations since Shakyamuni Buddha spoke to us through him, while the fire popped and crackled in the huge fireplace of the lodge. Advaita teachings in the language of Zen!  
It is easy to fondly remember the natural sharing of our responses to the teachings through Haiku poetry.  Babaji thrilled the group by reading each aloud, and then weeks after the retreat, in the mail, came a beautiful little printed book of all our haikus that Loke lovingly made for us all.
teatime2We each felt a special tender gift from Babaji’s heart as he led us through an ancient tea ceremony and presented us each Gorgewith a specific koan that he felt fit our individual spiritual life.  What a gift!
And now, here in October, is our chance to gather together again in that same beautiful setting to imbibe the Divine Mother’s wisdom!    What divine grace!

See you there,   Medhakendra