A Quintessential Yoga Vasishtha

Yoga Vasishtha is a unique scripture that harmonizes the philosophical perspectives of Yoga, Advaita Vedanta, and Tantra. Part of the Ramayana epic, it relates the teachings of the ancient rishi, Vasishtha, to the young Avatar of the Treta Yuga, Sri Ramachandra, a prince of the solar line. Lord Vasishtha, whose cosmic aspect presides over the transition of illumined souls from the realms of subtle embodiment to immersion in Brahman, has incarnated on earth to guide the teenage Sri Ram through His quandary with maya and its multitudinous effects. This the great sage accomplishes via numerous stories of compelling and profound nature as the entire royal court of King Dasaratha and the celestials of heavenly realms look on with intense fascination.

In this new rendering, Babaji Bob Kindler has selected stories from the Laghu version of this wonderful scripture and rewritten them in a contemporary style faithful to the ancient author, Valmiki. Further, he has inserted additional narrative and dialog between Vasishtha and the veiled Avatar based upon indepth study of Upanishadic lore concerning what the culture was like at that time.

Those familiar with this scripture know that Lord Vasishtha’s teaching stories can be abstruse and esoteric. Babaji has included 23 charts that delineate Vasishtha’s teaching to Sri Ram, allowing the reader to better penetrate the philosophy and inner meanings.

Inspiring, philosophically accessible, lyrical and absorbing – we know it will be appreciated by many. Check back soon to read a sample chapter.