Zoom Class Guidelines


When attending Zoom classes and seminars, it is part of our dharmic practice to set an atmosphere that is respectful and reverent.  Afterall, we are sitting with a teacher who is sharing the “noblest philosophy known to humankind” as Swami Vivekananda put it – the Knowledge and methods that lead to Liberation.  Here’s how you can uphold this sacred atmosphere:

Assume the mental posture (manasana) that you are seated in front of Babaji (or assistant teachers) in the same room.  With this in mind, you naturally will not:

• Eat or drink once class begins.* (exception: you have a cold, cough and need liquid)
• Carry on conversations with others
• Move around the room while Babaji (or assistant teachers) are teaching
• Let yourself be distracted by emails, texts, or be working on something else while in class.**

It is also good to remember that everyone in the meeting can see us, so we should refrain from doing things we would normally do privately.  Every motion is going to be distracting to someone, including oneself.  Hosts may turn off your video in these situations.

We have the great boon of receiving from Babaji (or assistant teachers) that Knowledge which is of ultimate value.  Let us give our most concentrated and receptive energy in return.

SRV Associations

* The teacher/assistant teachers will naturally have some water at hand.

** Chatting a question to the host or teacher is acceptable.  Zoom hosts/co-hosts have to manage the meeting, so may sometimes appear busy with something.