SRV’s Spiritual Director, Babaji Bob Kindler, leads all of SRV’s retreats. Babaji is known for his clear presentation of Vedanta, Yoga, Tantra and other philosophical systems − all of which are utilized for developing and deepening one’s love of God and for realization of the Self within. Throughout the cycle of each retreat day, Babaji emphasizes remembrance of our divine nature and developing those skills and virtues necessary for living a divine life of inner peace and freedom in every moment.
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• Northwest Winter Retreat, February 23 - 27th Four Yogas Living

• Spring Online Seminar, April 1st & 2nd — From Ram, to Krishna, to Sri Ramakrishna

• Memorial Weekend Retreat, May 25 - 29th — Awakening to Mother Kundalini

     • Summer Online Seminar I, June 24th & 25th — Insights & Impediments while following the Spiritual Path

    • Summer Online Seminar II, August 12th & 13th — The West's Heaven & Hell; The East's NIrvana & Samsara

Autumn Online Seminar, October 21st & 22nd — Crystal Clarity & Cosmic Subterfuge         

 • Early Winter Online Seminar, December 30th & 31st  — Teachings of Sri Sarada Devi, The Matri Avatar 


• Memorial Weekend Spring Retreat, May 23rd – 27th The World's Great Mother Scripture

*Please read & observe Zoom Guidelines

 Schedule Updated 8.16.23

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