SRV’s Spiritual Director, Babaji Bob Kindler, leads all of SRV’s retreats. Babaji is known for his clear presentation of Vedanta, Yoga, Tantra and other philosophical systems − all of which are utilized for developing and deepening one’s love of God and for realization of the Self within. Throughout the cycle of each retreat day, Babaji emphasizes remembrance of our divine nature and developing those skills and virtues necessary for living a divine life of inner peace and freedom in every moment.
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• Oregon Winter Retreat, January 23 - 27 — Swami Vivekananda Vijnanagita II — read a Retreat Reflection

Hawaii Summer Retreat, July 2 - 6 — Facets of True Freedom according to Indian Darshanas — read a Retreat Reflection

New Online Seminar, August 21 - 22 [for some 22-23] — Vedantic Teachings to Improve Spiritual Life & Practice

Dharma Visits Cancelled for the Remaining of this Year

Autumn Online Seminar for Navaratri, October 24 - 25 — Spiritual Transformation & The Goddess  

Hawaii Winter Retreat, December 11 - 15 Holy Mother's Song of Wisdom 

Dear SRV Sangha & Friends,
It is still too soon to bring people together in an enclosed space for the retreats we have scheduled. Due to both the concerns of our members and also the rules laid out in Oregon and Hawaii, we will keep posting changes as they arise. 

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