Children’s Classes

childrenHoly Mother’s School offers a young children’s class (4 – 7 year olds) and an older children’s class (8 and older). Children meet for classes when assistant teacher, Annapurna Sarada, is present. Older children also receive meditation instruction and practice with Babaji during each visit.

Our Purpose: To support the innate spirituality of young children and to expand this awareness with philosophical and practical conceptual tools through story-telling, drama, art, music, ritual, meditation, service, and other activities. The Self-Awareness and philosophical tools the children gain from this over time is invaluable throughout their lives. A sound spiritual-philosophical perspective conducive to inner peace and stability is desperately needed in our young people before they enter adolescence, which is so difficult in our contemporary society.

Principles: Throughout each class, certain principles are consistently expressed:

  • There is one ultimate Divine Reality who appears in myriad divine forms to suit the temperament and needs of all beings.

  • All religions are pathways emanating from that one Truth.

  • The entire universe is pervaded by this one Divine Reality.

  • The Soul of all beings is one with this Divine Reality and is therefore eternally pure and free.

  • “I am not the body. I am pure Spirit/Soul.” Birth, growth, disease, and death belong only to material objects, but the Soul is distinct from those.

children's class 2Class Structure: Classes include some or all of the following: sacred ritual, meditation, story, drama, “philosophical-experiential lab,” arts and crafts, sanctified food.

Philosophical labs: These “labs” are very creative and much enjoyed by the children. They are based upon the many metaphors found in the Vedic scriptures that express the freedom and ever-pure nature of the Soul, the relationship between the individual Soul and the Supreme Soul, how Divine Reality is both formless and with form, that all beings share the same Divine Nature, and many more. Crystals, water, clay, fire — all these are used to explain in a tangible manner these subtle truths.  Read more on past classes.

For more information, please email Annapurna.