Arati & Satsang with Babaji

Arati & Satsang with Babaji

Arati & Meditation: 6:00pm (Portland); 3:00pm (Hawaii);

Satsang: 6:30pm (Portland); 3:30pm (Hawaii);

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Babaji holds Zoom Satsang to answer questions about spiritual life and practice. Simply click the link and you can join in and share with your friends. Bring a question from your studies or practice!  Watch prior Satsangs

Babaji Bob Kindler is in Portland for 2 in-person public events and the Memorial Weekend Retreat:
May 22 Wed 7:00pm Topics in Vedanta, NE Portland, OR
May 29 Wed 6:00pm Arati & Satsang, Location TBA
RSVP at to receive directions