Memorial Weekend Retreat

Nonduality in Vedanta & Buddhism
Gaudapada’s Karika & Tilopa’s Mahamudra

 The precious teachings of Nonduality are known in this world to a rare, few souls, and most of these seldom offer it up for teaching and transmission.  Throughout time it has somehow remained incomprehensible to parents and ancestors, even dharmic ones.  Religion in this world, being either fundamentalistic or dualistic, overlooks it entirely.  Educational systems, even at the professional or collegiate level, never hear of it or offer it for study.  Finally, and lamentably, the world’s philosophies, should they consider it at all, fail to perceive its import.  Therefore, at this retreat, be among those who will hear of it in two of its most mature forms available today, via direct instructions on how to work it into life and mind.


Windwood Waters Lodge, situated above the Wind River along the Columbia Gorge, is our favorite location for retreats – a peaceful, secluded property, perfect for smaller groups. The Lodge itself is a reminder of simpler days homesteading on forested lands and thus lends itself well to both basic comforts, hiking, and attentive studies.  The great stone fireplace rises up from the sunken reading area, used by students for reading, and warming during winter retreats.


Memorial Day Weekend: May 24 – 28th
Windwood Waters Homestead Lodge, near Stevenson, WA
Arrival: Friday, May 24, 4:00pm
Departure: Tuesday, May 28th,  12:00 noon

Accommodations*: Shared and/or semi private. Single room may become available. *Discounted rate for tenters after we reach nine participants.
Meals: Vegetarian, nondairy/vegan on request
Tuition:  $770

Register your commitment with a deposit of $385; full tuition due March 24, 2024. Nonrefundable fee of $200 for cancellations after April 10, 2024. Use payment portal here or read about other options below*.

Memorial Retreat Payment

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