Jnana Yoga, the Path of Knowledge

“Shining like the sun, knowledge reveals the Supreme in them, in whom ignorance is destroyed by Self-knowledge.” – Sri Krishna, Bhagavad Gita V:16

Aspirants devote time each day for reading or listening to the teachings of the scriptures and the lives of saints, sages and other great beings. From the scriptures and the exemplary lives of the illumined, we learn the nature of Reality: the Soul is immortal and one with God; It is completely independent of the changing phenomena of the universe and is never subject to birth, growth, depression, decay, or death; It is one with all existence. These inspiring and ennobling truths, presented in myriad ways, are then deeply contemplated continually until the aspirant ceases to identify with any limited condition of body, mind, ego, or intellect. Classes in the scriptures are offered weekly by the teachers of each center. Our Spiritual Director, Babaji Bob Kindler, visits the centers several times every year during which he offers daily classes on Jnana Yoga.

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