Retreat 2010: Kundalini Yoga

Reflections on the Kundalini Retreat 2010
by Akshaya-bhakti

First, I must acknowledge the sweet, devotional aura which pervaded the retreat.  I realize through the teachings that even positive feelings are transitory, are part of the dualities of life; however, being with guru and sangha at the idyllic Buckhorn Springs Retreat Center brought a  rare joy that I can instantly recall in its full intensity.   Even when I watch the luminous faces in my slide show of Medha’s photos, I am overcome by a deep sense of love that goes beyond mere convention.  

class2The scheduled times for meditation and personal reading / reflection each day of the retreat were greatly appreciated, but the classes themselves with the enhancement of Jai Ma Music offerings were especially fulfilling.  Some of my favorite teachings over the course of the retreat included:


How the chakras are connected to the Mahashakti Herself and then practicing this communion with Her in the detailed guided meditation that was bestowed on us.

The beautiful readings from the Srimad Devi Bhagavatam and the awesome teaching that these chakras (also called “lotuses”) are composed of 350,00 nerve channels that possess a host of forces that each work on a specific plane of consciousness.  Further, the “petals” of the lotuses hold the letters with their innate powers.

The readings from the Kundalini Upanshad were also welcome.  Then there were the powerful charts such as the “5 Akashas” and “The 7 Causes and Ten Impediments in Kundalini Yoga,” which included not only the poisons/negativities associated with each chakra, but the nectars as well.

In addition to the abundant sparks of wisdom, the classes were also filled with practical advice and encouragement.  One of my favorite analogies was the story of the mother hen who listens for the intensity of the chick’s struggle, teaching us that we must “peck” at our “egg” in which we have bound ourselves until Mother hears us and knows we sincerely want to be free.  Since I have been trying to strengthen my resolve lately,  I also liked the advice to “Be a muscle head.  If you feel resistance, resist it!”

Akshaya In her request for our input on the retreat, Loke wrote, “May this find you looking forward to the New Year enthused for Spiritual Sadhana by the Truth we have gleaned this year.”   That summarizes perfectly what the retreat brought to me…  Jai Ma!