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Searching within to gain more strength
in order to succeed in the Nine Steps to Perfection,
I came auspiciously upon the Four Perfections of the Heart
which benefitted me immensely.

Predictably, both the Six Passions and
the Four Deadly Traps came looking for me as well,
but my Guru had earlier blessed me with the
Four Treasures and Six Jewels, so what harm could befall me?

The Five Pranas became restless and unruly
at one point in my concentrated sadhana,
but those and other problems were alleviated
via the Seven Methods For Attaining Mastery of Awareness.

The Four Causes of Distraction then tried to enter
and occupy my body, mind and life-force,
but the Ten Prerequisites to the Practice of Yoga I wielded
were too much for them, and they died away.

Fortunately, the Five States of the Mind-field
were shown to me in a vast firmament of precious teachings.
I transcended the first three, attained quiescence of mind,
and rested resolutely in the Fifth.

The Four Erroneous Views once infringed
upon my deep and lucid thinking process,
A solution quickly presented itself
through practice of the Four Beneficial Attitudes.

The well-known Four Obstacles to Meditation
also rose up early in my contemplative practice,
and fell down immediately due to practice of the Five Aids
to Steadiness of Mind taught to me by my spiritual teacher.

Awareness of the Six Billows and Six Transformations
once gave me considerable cause for trepidation,
but they were no match for the wondrous
Thirteen Inherent Characteristics of the Atman I discovered.

The Four Paths of Transmigration After Death
seemed to hold no allowable place for me.
This was confirmed as I practiced the Nine Step Process
of Meditation on AUM as given by the beloved Guru.

In the illimitable realm of the Divine Word,
I wisely initiated the Three Elements of Mantra Practice,
and succeeded wonderfully thereby
while duly exercising the Four Types of Japa Practice.

Later, the Seven Malas of Maya tried to insinuate themselves
on my precious sempiternal existence.
Then, the Three Conditions of Mature Detachment
graced my mind, and I pierced Maya immediately. 

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