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Holy Mother Jayanti
Holy MotherA few of Holy Mother's sayings:
"The happiness of the world is transitory.  The less you become attached to the world, the more you enjoy peace of mind."
"Forgetting your personality, try to realize your identity with God."
"After nondual knowledge dawns, God and all else vanish into nothing.  Mother - in the end my Mother pervades the whole universe.  Everything becomes one.  This is the simple truth."
"I am the mother of the wicked, as I am the mother of the virtuous.  Never fear, and whenever you are in distress just say to yourself, 'I have a mother.'" 
One of Holy Mother's disciples:
"Formerly one had to make many arrangements to see the Holy Mother.
Now, sitting at one place, if someone applies one's heart, one can duly find Her.
discarding Her physical body, 
the Mother is now bestowing Her blessings much more.
Whoever calls upon Her,
the indwelling Mother approaches them
and settles all their problems."
- from Sri Sarada Vijnanagita
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