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2:30pm-Class, Waimea, HI
Contact Call for info & directions: 990-3354
April Class Series in Waimea: The Five T's of Spiritual Life

Sarada Ramakrishna Vivekananda (SRV) Center in Waimea, Big Island

 April series

 The human soul, called the psycho-physical being by Vedanta philosophy,  must pass through trials, purification, challenges, austerities, refinement, and expansion in order to know the Atman, the True Self, and be free.  The 5 "Ts" listed in this class title give us a multi-tiered template for understanding this journey that the embodied being has taken upon itself — called "life" by some, and a "return to the Source" by others.  Though the sojourn seems to begin on a very flat and gross note, the inward ascension process that results over time, and with self-effort, is epic, leading human awareness to a conscious realization of all that lies within it, and beyond it.

$15 suggested donation, no one turned away

Location Waimea, Hawaii Island (Big Island)
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