Winter Online Seminar

Establishing a Spiritual Life in Materialistic Times

Connecting Prana, Psychic Prana, & Intelligence to Shakti.

Beings on earth, for the most part, have a work life, a social life, and a family life. Some even have a religious life. Possessing a spiritual life, however, is extremely rare, and that is because most all of humanity’s connections flow outwards into matter. One might aver that human thought is inward, but the brains of most beings harbor thoughts about matter only. Their plans, their dreams, their imaginings, their aspirations, even their prayers, all involve material objects. Then, nothing purely spiritual in nature can take root in them, except, as the seers tell them, their own True Nature.  

One’s True Nature is desireless; It has no wants. It is actionless; It is free of the sense of agency. It is beyond the realm of thought; It does not project or create. This is why the ancient seers of many religions separated Spirit from Matter, God from Mammon. But those inner avenues walked by them into the realm of Divine Reality are blocked today. We do not breathe in higher Awareness, nor think in terms of higher visions. The Mother of our thoughts and intelligence is not loved, cherished, or ardently sought after. Humanity’s precious Life-force has come to a standstill and gelled in the dark valley of material objects, far short of the opening to the blessed Citadel of the Heart. It must flow again, and reach Her.

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