Guru Sishya Seminar Notes

Guru Sishya Seminar Notes
from a student’s notebook

The Supreme Pathway to Eternal Moksha

(The chart by this name can be found in A Quintessential Yoga Vasishtha, by Babaji Bob Kindler, p.37)

Moksha, liberation – realize that this is ever-present and thereby raise yourself to that perfect state.  Whoever got inspired by thinking of oneself as a sinner?

Ordinary scriptures should lead to Atmajnan scriptures* but, actually, the latter have gone missing, except in India.  Even in India they are not being studied or taught outside of some monasteries. *these are the revealed scriptures that teach about the knowledge of the Self.

If the guru is enlightened, then he/she will undergo the realization process again with you.

One of the signs of Enlightenment is newly awakened spiritual power.

Moksha arises in the mind that longs for it. – Lord Vasishtha