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Kali Bol Ramakrishna

CD $15.00

Kali Bol Ramakrishna 

Babaji Bob Kindler’s newest CD recording, Kali Bol Ramakrishna, is Jai Ma Music’s 18th album of chants, bhajans, and stotrams to date, all drawn from Mother India’s infinite storehouse of sacred music. Featuring cello, flute, the tabla artistry of Benjy Wertheimer, the sublime recitations by Lokelani Kindler, and appearances by the Shakti Choir, the work includes many of Babaji’s most recent musical offerings, such as “Sri Ramakrishna Ekadin,” and the “Sri Ramakrishna Chalisa.”

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Jai Ho Vivekananda cd cover

CD $15.00


Jai Ho Vivekananda!

In Celebration of 150 years of Swamiji’s Presence on Earth 

This album will have wide appeal to all who admire and revere Swami Vivekananda. Those who love sacred music and are inspired by the highest Truth will be glad of heart upon hearing this album. And all those who have seen Jai Ma Music at rare concerts and appearances over three decades will be utterly delighted to have these songs at long last.

No less than four gifted tabla players grace this album: Gregg Johnson, Daniel Paul, Benjy Wertheimer, and Achyut Bhandari. Jai Ma Music’s Shakti Choir lends their joyful, earnest voices to a few pieces, which includes the ever-popular and very profound Guru Stotram. Babaji’s cello and vocals weave a heart-melting thread of devotion throughout.


New ReleaseCD $15.00

Siva! Siva!


Within its sweet and powerful interior lie musical gems from noted luminaries like Tulsidas, Shankara, and Abhinavagupta, contributing an inspiring combination of jnana and bhakti, wisdom and devotion, to an all-attracting backdrop of sacred sound.

From the devout depths of the Siva Manasa Puja to the nondual classic, Hastamalaka Stotram, this collection of ancient Sanskrit hymns is designed to place the rapt and concentrated listener into deep states of higher awareness.Musically adorned by well-arranged instrumental accompaniment utilizing cellos, flute, vocals, and backup women’s chorus, this work is a fine and fitting testament to Lord Siva, the God of Wisdom, offering over sixty minutes of beautiful melody, harmony, and lyricism for the discerning devotee and audiofile.

“Babaji Bob Kindler’s latest musical offering is a veritable nada malika, a garland of beautiful blossoms of sound, offered to the Lord of Yogins, Siva Mahadeva.  While paying respectful homage to the traditional format of bhajan and kirtan, Babaji offers the listener some dynamic innovations.  It’s hard to imagine while listening to these pieces that the cello was not a traditional instrument in Indian performance.

“The arrangements are lush, yet with a meditative spaciousness.  The devotion is palpable.  As with previous musical offerings, I have always appreciated the way Babaji includes the English translations within the performances.  This disc includes an insert with the Sanskrit and Hindi transliterations.

“All five pieces are sonically gorgeous, but perhaps the standout is Babaji’s very personal rendering of the Bhairava Stotram, an homage to Paramasiva written by the Kashmiri Mahapandita and Mahasiddha, Abhinavagupta.  To the best of my knowledge, this has never been committed to disc before.  Jaya Siva Sambhu!”

– l o k a n a t h  d a s


CD $15.00 Cassette $5.00


Bhajans of Love & Wisdom

Chanting enthusiasts and beginners alike will find this album simple, easy to follow, joyous and energetic. Four chants to Sri Krishna, the God of Love, and four chants to Shiva Mahadeva, the God of Wisdom, have made this one of our most popular offerings.

“From Jai Ma Music in Hawaii comes an offering called Bhajans of Love and Wisdom — chants of love to the divine couple, Radha and Krishna, and chants of wisdom to the archetypal Shiva. The artists are among the best for this genre. This cassette mixes India with visions of Hawaiian sunsets and peaceful waves lapping at white sandy beaches. Over 45 minutes of devotional chanting fills the opened heart of the listener.” – Yoga Journal

CD $15.00 Cassette $5.00


Guru Bhajans

Beginning with a reverent salute to the Guru, this eclectic album features chants to Radha & Krishna, Shiva Mahadeva, Sri Ramchandra, and Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. It concludes with Sri Shankaracharya’s famous hymn, “Bhaja Govindam.” Many call this a “hidden gem” in Jai Ma Music’s musical treasure chest.

“Your album, Guru Bhajans, is so special. I play it multiple times a day. The music is unsurpassed, the musicianship flawless, and everyone who hears the album lightens up, laughs, and comments on the arrangements. My environment is cleansed. Thanks!”

CD $15.00 Cassette $5.00



This magical album musically demonstrates the spiritual unity of all paths with famous and familiar chants like “Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram” and “Govinda Jaya Jaya.” Several original compositions such as “Om Shakti Om” and “Offering to Shiva” complement and enhance this joyous title.

“The energetic music behind these traditional chants lifts the listener on a wave of power. This is the fourth in a series of bhajan tapes from these folks, and they are generally among the best to be found, full of infectious joy and excellent music.” – Heartsong Review

CD $15.00 Cassette $5.00


Universal Aspects
of Sanatana Dharma

This dynamic album of inspiring selections from India’s precious array of devotional wisdom songs will cause your heart to melt and your mind to soar in tune with the exquisite sounds of cello, flute, and tabla. Shankaracharya’s “Nirvanashatkam,” and the much-loved Hindi arati song, “Jaya Jagadisha Hare,” are just two of the wonderful selections on this exciting release. This recording also contains the two compelling call and response chants, “Nama Om” and “Deva Devi Swarupaya,” so popular with audiences attending Jai Ma Music’s live concert tours.

“If you have not yet heard Babaji Bob Kindler and his group Jai Ma Music, you are in for a rare and genuinely mystical musical experience. Kindler sings Indian bhajans of sublime beauty and meaning. His warm baritone interpretations are mesmerizing and alive with feeling, saturated as they are with the true essence of the music’s power and wisdom. This is very, very special music to meditate to, evoking a pure and ancient vibration. Listening to Universal Aspects I was enfolded in divine mystery. As with every Kindler/Jai Ma release, the musicianship on this album is world class. The interplay between the musicians is electric.” – New Age Retailer

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Hari Om Ramanam

This album of chants and bhajans concentrates on Sri Ramachandra, the Avatar of the Treta Yuga, who is worshipped by devotees around the world. Inspired songwriters from India’s ancient and prolific past are featured in selections which capture the sweet energy and profound wisdom that always emanates from Sri Ramachandra and His divine consort, Sita. It features several songs by India’s beloved devotee, Tulasidas. Featuring our Shakti Choir, these musical offerings induces deep states of heartfelt devotion to the Supreme Being.

“Congratulations! Hari Om Ramanam — a masterpiece.” – A.H., Maine

“This is an unbelievably powerful album with such sweetness. Sri Ram is utterly invoked in these songs. The joy and majesty of His Presence is right there with the first thrilling sounds.” – A.S., Hawaii


CD $15.00 

Gita Govinda Mala

This long-awaited album of Krishna chants and bhajans sports a poignantly sweet yet purposefully powerful collection of auspicious selections. Gita Govinda Mala is a long-play cassette and double CD album that promises and delivers, providing rapture for the heart, inspiration for the mind, and enhancement for the will. Sanskrit vocals and English translations are musically supported by autoharp, cello, flute, finger symbols, tablas, and the much-loved Shakti Choir. This offering has been rendered long play for hours of inner inspiration.

“This album is a revelation to me — the music, the words, the meaning — amazing. ‘Govindam Adi Purusham’ is simply intoxicating!” – L.G., California