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Notes from SRV Hawai'i, Part 2
If you want Science and the Science of Spirit to get along then you should think in terms of vibration and vibrating particles.  The conscious Witness looks out upon this physical realm, looks up the states of waking, dream, and deep sleep from a plateau of formlessness or Consciousness.  From there he can see all levels of vibration, from gross to subtle to causal.

You must possess a ready supply of inspiration to inspire yourself daily.  You have to access it yourself.  No Jesus, Buddha, Krishna -- you can go to Them for Inspiration, but you have to be able to access wisdom on your own, from within.  This is the purpose of your life.  The upward moving prana aids in this and the yogis get ahold of this prana and master it.

Sri Ramakrishna stated: "God is with form and without form.  And God is beyond form and formlessness." You see, there is something unfigureable here.  The mind can't grasp it.  The mind just can't go there.  One drops it, like the burnt out stage of a rocket, when entering There.

"Resist not evil."  If you brood on evil, you give it an assumed reality.  People have such a grip on maya.  But get a grip on the Self instead!

Remembrance is half the battle in spiritual life.

Everyone has a "fix," a solution, but no one tells you what is wrong the way Vedanta does.  Yet, for Vedantists there are no real problems.  Is it that we are living in "la la land?"  No, we are living a divine life, at least a dharmic life, but never a worldly life where all problems cluster, foment, and breed.

We have three choices: worldly life, dharmic life, divine life, and actually, there is a fourth, called videhamukti. What do these consist of?
  • worldly life: evil, ignorant, and/or conventional
  • dharmic life: service and spiritual study
  • divine life: ecstatic, the experience of the seeded samadhis/savikalpa samadhi
  • videhamukti: freedom from all embodiment, gross and subtle
When they say "indivisible Consciousness" that is your gateway, your trail of bread crumbs to the Source, Home.  In this "state" the body-mind mechanism is gone, so you have nothing impeding you.  There are some who want to accomplish this even while in the body.  One should be able to sit for hours just concentrating on Truth.  This is the gateway to the seeded samadhis.

We should never underestimate the power of Truth.  "Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free."  When Christ saw this Truth, He was stunned.  It is infinite.

Be GF free -- Great Fear free!  Make fear afraid of itself, put sleep to sleep, and "put death in its own grave."

Lex Hixon used to say: "Inspect your mind and remove all the negativities from it."  Start with removing the source of the problem and then do as you please.  Bring that Pratibha, that laser-like Intelligence within you, to bear upon all negativity.

God is Existence.  "Existence Is" -- This is the proof of God.  Nonexistence is only non-manifestation -- everything put in "self-storage." Form covers formlessness, from the most subtle to the most gross.

Maya is the scum on the lake of clear mind that obscures the reflection of the Self.  Now, this reflection is in the intellect, not the Soul.  This is why you have to get beyond the intellect to access a higher intuition.
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