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Classnotes — June, July, August 2012
The Real
Sat Chit Ananda [absolute Existence, Awareness, Bliss] is an ancient name for God, and a triputi of Supreme ramifications.  In fact, It had an even more ancient version called Asti Bhati Priya – It is Existence, It is Light, and It is the most dear.

Faster than the speed of sound is the speed of light.  Faster than the speed of light is the speed of thought.  Faster than the speed of thought is Atman.  It "outstrips all that run."  It is free of thought.  It does not vibrate like thought does, so it doesn't run the risk of having positive and negative thoughts.

Where is Brahman?  In you, of course.  No one has seen It outside.  Brahman perceives the manifest universe through your senses – so purify them and you, too, will be flooded with Light, like the seers.

Vedanta teachers tell the students to concentrate on the Truth of "Brahman is Real; the world is unreal."  But they exclaim, "Woe is me!  The world is unreal."  So the teachers say, "Didn't you hear me say that Brahman is Real? Concentrate on That."

The real tragedy is forgetting your real Nature, this profound Awareness and Bliss.  Suffering is a secondary tragedy, the result of not knowing your real Nature.  Then your mantra becomes "why me" instead of "I am."

If you are suffering, then your mind must not be right.  The illumined do not suffer.  Suffering of the mind is unnecessary.  If the mind is kept healthy by sadhana, then whatever pain comes does not cause suffering.

Suffering is unreal.  Suffering comes only to the body, and to the mind that has lost its balance.

People who are suffering from all sorts of trauma, yet are hiding amongst various sanghas and devotees, have not really entered into yogic practice yet.  For those who have, the Yamas and Niyamas have already solved one's emotional problems.
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