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With Brahman on Their Minds

“Women in northwest India walk along the road with big jugs of water on their heads but do not spill a drop."

Experts and adepts of life learn to “squeeze the most juice out of their orange,” as Swami Vivekananda has stated. In other words, the weights of the world are easily borne by them while their minds remain fixed on the most important matters. Like the women of India who bear huge jugs of water on their heads, yet walk along oblivious of the weight and speaking all the while about their children, husbands and jewelry, the devotees of God tend to all the many concerns of everyday life with grace and ease while thinking and speaking only of God. This is the natural way to get the most out of life.

Mature beings, called luminaries, are even more adept at living. They “do not spill a drop,” as it were. Their words and actions will last thousands of years and contain longevity. In cases such as these, Brahman infills heart and mind, lending infinite strength and boundless grace to every thought and action. Though fully available to the world and its suffering and striving beings, they nevertheless remain transparent to the world and impervious to its many vicissitudes and impurities. Though bearing weights that would crush others, these great ones work diligently but accomplish all work with detachment. About them, the scriptures state:

“Shanta mahanto nivashanti shanto.
Vasanta-vat loka hitam charantah.”

“There are saints on this earth —
silent and great —
who, like the Spring season,
bring about the well-being of the world.”

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