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Cosmic Quintuplications

Cosmic Quintuplications
The Secret of Panchakarana

The Cosmic Quintuplication system, or Panchakarana, describes the unique process by which manifesting consciousness takes on form or, put another way, how the embodying soul takes on matter by inserting itself into forms or vehicles of its choosing. Cosmic Quintuplication, a system of cosmology revealed to India’s ancient seers, offers a cogent explanation of how the soul reaches the earth plane from the inner life-heavens, and especially how Great Souls depart the indivisible Realm of pure, conscious Awareness to bring healing, well-being, and nondual wisdom to the peoples of the many worlds. This straightforward method accounts for five elements, five outer senses, five inner senses, five primordial elements, and the fivefold mind, and connects them all together in an unbroken line of succession that explains the subtle dynamics of evolution and involution in a way that reveals consciousness, intelligence, mind, and matter to be one divine plan.

Softcover, illustrated charts
6 x 9 / 114 pages / U.S. $15.00 
ISBN 978-1-891893-21-6

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Manasana 72

The Superlative Art of Mental Posture

In the sacred Sanskrit language, “manas” means mind, while “asana” refers both to a physical position for the body as well as a cushion upon which one sits for meditation.  By combining these two words, Manasana, Babaji Bob Kindler offers the contemporary practitioner of yoga and spirituality an effective way to place the mind into a state of steady balance.
     Using his signature teaching charts, Babaji elucidates upon an array of manasanas, or mental postures, that destroy impediments in the body, increase the flow of energy, refine emotions, and assist the mind in its search for Enlightenment.  By consciously taking up an improved mental posture in the mind, the sincere aspirant can master awareness and attain to Yoga – Union with Ultimate Reality. 

Softcover, illustrated charts
6 x 9 / 129 pages / U.S. $15.00 
ISBN 978-1-891893-20-9

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Jnana Matra

The Wisdom Particle
Jnana Matra

The ancient Sanskrit word “matra” means a particle or atom. When the word “jnana” (wisdom) is placed in front, it conveys the idea that, just as everything in the physical universe consists of vibrating particles, similarly there are particles of a subtler nature — particles of Intelligence — that form one’s power to concentrate and comprehend.  When one studies the intelligent particle one is approaching the Light that shines off of “The Word,” or AUM.  The third book in Babaji’s planned 5 part series of essential philosophical teachings, entitled The Wisdom Particle (Jnana Matra) is a contemporary coalescence of ancient Vedantic teachings intended to empower the sincere seeker of Truth with the foreknowledge of the soul’s inherent spiritual abilities.

Softcover, illustrated charts
6 x 9 / 120 pages / U.S. $15.00 
ISBN 978-1-891893-16-2

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Dissolving the Mindstream
Withdrawing Name and Form in Meditation

The second in Babaji’s quintet of concise books with important philosophical teachings will be available in February. Dissolving the Mindstream, a traditional teaching of Vedanta and Yoga, has become a quintessential SRV meditation practice. This new book will be a useful resource containing Babaji’s commentary on all the charts designed for this teaching, and many related charts. In it, he takes the reader from basic concepts pertaining to the nature of objective phenomena, to subtle philosophical points, and culminates with an example of an actual dissolution meditation in prose.  A glossary of terms is included.


Softcover, illustrated charts
6 x 9 / 115 pages / U.S. $15.00 
ISBN 978-1-891893-14-8

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Reclaiming Kundalini Yoga

A concise and revealing book bringing a fresh and authentic perspective to this esoteric subject. Teaching charts will be included, along with a new translation of the Devi Gita from the Srimad Devi Bhagavatam, and an appendix detailing the role of food in Kundalini Yoga.


Softcover, illustrated charts
6 x 9 / 124 pages / U.S. $15.00
ISBN 978-1-891893-11-7

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A Quintessential Yoga Vasishtha

Wisdom Stories of the Rishis Retold
edited and elucidated by Babaji Bob Kindler

Of all the relationships possible on earth, that rare combination known as guru/shishya, spiritual teacher and sincere disciple, transcends them all. And scarcely has that most intimate of connections been so well-documented as in the sweet and sacred friendship between Lord Vasishtha and the youthful Avatar, Sri Ramachandra. In A Quintessential Yoga Vasishtha, Babaji Bob Kindler offers a concentrated selection of these astonishing stories from this ancient scripture, retold in a rich, contemporary style. The abstruse nature of Vasishtha’s teachings are clarified and explored, not only via expanded dialog, but also through detailed charts, or storyboards. Brace yourself. Immersed in these lucid tales, your consciousness is receiving acidic injections of nondual Truth.

Hardcover, illus. & teaching charts
8 x 10 / 254 pages / U.S. $30.00 
ISBN 978-1-891893-10-0

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Swami Vivekananda Vijnanagita

The Wisdom Song of Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda, the World Teacher who introduced Vedanta and Yoga to the West in 1893, was a spiritual giant and philosophical genius, whose all-embracing love of humanity and warrior spirit brooked no compromise with truth, freedom, and the divinity of every human being. This Vijnanagita, Song of Wisdom, represents the heart of his thinking and message to the world. Drawn solely from his personal letters and arranged for contemplation, this collection of Vivekananda’s most candid and direct statements on spiritual, philosophical, and social issues is a book for one’s most treasured inspirational library.

Hardcover w/foil embossing, Photographs
5.25 x 8.5 / 230 pages / U.S. $18.00  Book & CD Special $25.00
ISBN 978-1-891893-09-4

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An Extensive Anthology of
Sri Ramakrishna’s Stories

Enlightening Sayings, Stories, Anecdotes, Parables, Metaphors and Allegories of the Avatar

In this newly compiled collection are found over 750 enlightened sayings, stories, anecdotes, parables, metaphors and allegories that fell from this perfected being’s inspired lips during His brief sojourn on Earth. Short clarifying commentaries attend each entry, and the stories are classified into compelling categories graced with a host of illustrations that further enhance both its practical and aesthetic value.

Softcover, illustrated
6.5 x 10 / 732 pages / U.S. $30.00 
ISBN 1-891893-08-4

This book is destined to be a classic addition to the important collection of existing Ramakrishna literature.” — Advaita Ashrama

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Sri Sarada Vijnanagita

Sri Sarada Vijnanagita

Her Teachings Arranged in Verse Form

Sri Sarada Devi, wife and spiritual consort of Sri Ramakrishna, is known widely as The Holy Mother. After the passing of Sri Ramakrishna, she became the spiritual guide of the Ramakrishna Order, one of the largest growing spiritual forces of this day. In the Sri Sarada Vijnanagita, her disarming practicality simultaneously conveys the steady stream of Her wisdom, compassion, selfless service, and unwavering devotion to God. Visually attracting, the famous imprint of her feet appears on the cover, while interspersed within are all 32 known photographs.

Hardcover w/foil embossing, Photographs
5.25 x 8.5 / 133 pages / U.S. $16.00 

ISBN 1-891893-06-8

I have found the Sri Sarada Vijnanagita to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration. All that I need to know about spiritual life is there. It is a distilled gem.

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Twenty-Four Aspects of Mother Kali

Who could forget their own mother, what to speak of the Mother of all souls? This publication represents an attempt to remind humanity of their divine parentage, of their source of origin and of their perfect inner nature. This book is a “must read,” not only for aspirants and devotees, but also for followers of Eastern religion and philosophy and for every interested advocate of the Divine Mother path, regardless of cultural bias, personal preference, or historical orientation.

Paperback / 5.25 x 8.25 / 224 pages / U.S. $18.00
ISBN 1-891893-04-1
Kindle Edition available here

It is a most beautiful book…Babaji’s words about Kali the Divine Mother of the Universe literally jump out from the pages to engulf and drown me in their infinite love and extraordinary description of Her, until I am lifted into another realm of pure love and beauty.

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The Ten Divine Articles of Sri Durga:
Insights and Meditations

The Divine Articles held aloft in Mother Durga’s ten hands are not just physical objects, not only weapons for fighting negativity and not merely powers for bringing about benefit to struggling and aspiring beings. Each one is an inseparable and intrinsic portion of Her very nature, being extensions of Her infinite attributes and qualities in outer manifestation only. Babaji Bob Kindler explores the symbolism associated with the sacred objects seen in Sri Durga’s lovely hands and proceeds to utilize these many attributes as spiritual and devotional aids in a set of guided meditations.

Paperback, illustrated
5.25 x 8.25 / 75 pages / U.S. $12.00 
ISBN 1-891893-07-6
Kindle Edition available here

I have read and thoroughly studied your book on the Divine Mother. The best part of it is the way you demystify the subject and render Her symbology easily comprehensible.

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The Avadhut
and His Twenty-Four Teachers in Nature

The Avadhut is both a novel and a compendium of Eastern spiritual teachings, presented in an engaging and authentic manner. The main character, Ekanta, who has been drawn from mention of a holy man in the Srimad Bhagavatam, encounters such “teachers” as the earth, the moth, the ocean, the child, the prostitute, the elephant and the arrowmaker, inspiring vivid recollections from his life spent in the company of his own spiritual masters, illumined parents, and other enlightened beings.

Softcover / 6 x 9 / 712 pages / U.S. $24.95
ISBN 1-891893-05-X

Beautiful! The Vedantic teachings of India are placed so well within the journeys of an ascetic traveling through the country of India. I cannot get over the amount of wisdom found on each page of this piece. An absolute treasure. You would do well to discover it.

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Strike Off Thy Fetters!

Commentary on “The Song of the Sannyasin,”
Swami Vivekananda’s classic poem of Truth, Unity, and Freedom

Swami Vivekananda wrote this poem while in the United States in the late 19th century and it has become a classic among spiritual aspirants dedicated to Truth, Unity, Freedom, Peace and selfless service. A thorough understanding of this masterpiece guides the sincere reader from first awakenings, to tenacious discrimination between the Real and the unreal, leading him or her to calm detachment and selfless service while abiding in the glory of the unified Self. Babaji’s in-depth commentary makes this poem eminently accessible to aspirants of any path.
Paperback / 5.5 x 8.5 / 54 pages / U.S. $7.00 Awaiting reprinting

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We Are Atman All-Abiding

108 Verses on the Atman, the eternal Essence of Consciousness pervading everything.

This poem was written for Lex Hixon, author of Great Swan: Meetings with Ramakrishna and Divine Mother of the Universe and founder of the National SRV Association, before he passed away in November, 1995.
Booklet / 5.5 x 8.5 / 21 pages / $5.00
Kindle Edition available here

Responding by letter, Lex wrote, “This is an American classic, a true assimilation of the Kali Advaita. It is filled with lightness as well as with Light, and it will move the hearts of many aspirants. The most advanced spiritual thinking (or beyond thinking) is here expressed in the subtlest way. A true sign of realization.” Lex Hixon




Hasta-Amalaka Stotram:
A Hymn of Eternal Enlightenment

Revealing the realization of Brahman to be as clear and tangible as a fruit in the palm of one’s hand.

The appeal of this ancient hymn lies in the nondual nature of its expression, an uncompromising assertion of the absolute identity between God and man, creature and Creator, the Soul present in all called the Atman and the ocean of Pure Consciousness called Brahman.
Over-sized paperback / 7 x 8.5 / 60 pages / U.S. $10.00
Kindle Edition available here

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