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Question: Why were people so into Cosmic Consciousness some decades ago?
Babaji:  Many beings tend toward drugs, pleasure, and sensationalism, which means that if you are not ready for renunciation you will lean more toward dipping the brain and senses into the occult.  Cosmic Consciousness is an experience, but Realization is not an experience.  It is where the distinction between experience and experiencer disappears.

If you want authentic spiritual experiences you will have to transcend the experiences of nature.  The Soul does not really abide in the body or in nature, so how could one get a spiritual experience from a substance of nature?  True spiritual experiences are rare, and nondependent upon external stimulae.

Your Consciousness is transcendent of matter, energy, and thought.

If you go to see a Swami Aseshananda, Karmapa, or Swami Brahmananda, you see someone who has surpassed "world weariness" and is truly happy.  You become a believer when you see such people and work towards such faith.  This is why spirituality only comes from another Soul, not from books, temples, etc.

There should be a label on all objects:
WARNING: This product cannot fulfill you.

In India, parents taught their children to meditate on objects, like the sun, moon, candle flame, etc....and what did they learn?  "All of that is insentient, and I am Sentient."  This solves all problems.  Your mind may be full of objects, but your Self is full of the light of objectless Reality

This is our predicament: that all objects have come out of us, yet when they are taken away we become upset.  Imagine the predicament of that man who grasps after things which are already within, and mourns about losing what is always and ever his!

The world can't fulfill you.  You are the fulfillment of the world -- it has come out of you.
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