Hawaii Winter Retreat 2021

Worship and Wisdom, Devotion and Discrimination, have always characterized the two main elements of religion and philosophy in India, with meditation and action supporting and complementing them. Flowing like mighty rivers — side by side at times and merging their waters at others — these powerful pathways of divine deification and deep discernment have refined and fulfilled seeking souls for …

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Summer Seminar — Sept 14-16, 2018

“I am the fire of nondual Wisdom that consumes the activities of the actionless Atman; I am the fire of nondual Wisdom that removes the sorrows of the sorrowless Atman; I am the nondual Wisdom that dissolves all the bodies of the bodiless Atman.  I am Pure Existence, Wisdom, and Bliss, as boundless as the sky, infinite like space. I …

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Exploring Gaudapada’s PhilosophyAlexander Hixon Blessed Are The PeacebuildersRev. Canon Charles P. Gibbs Noncompromise in VedantaShivakumar Viswanathan Vedanta and Today’s YouthBabaji Bob Kindler Nonviolence In Jainism Swami Brahmeshananda Sacred Sufi PoetryDoctor Nahid Angha Facing Our FearSwami Aseshananda Truth & KarmaAnnapurna Sarada

Inside Next Nectar

Exploring Gaudapada’s Philosophy 
Alexander Hixon 
Blessed Are The Peacebuilders
 Rev. Canon Charles P. Gibbs Noncompromise in Vedanta 
Shivakumar Viswanathan Vedanta and Today’s Youth
 Babaji Bob Kindler Nonviolence In Jainism 
 Swami Brahmeshananda  Sacred Sufi Poetry 
Doctor Nahid Angha Facing Our Fear 
Swami Aseshananda Truth & Karma 
Annapurna Sarada

Children’s Classes

Holy Mother’s School offers a young children’s class (4 – 7 year olds) and an older children’s class (8 and older). Children meet for classes when assistant teacher, Annapurna Sarada, is present. Older children also receive meditation instruction and practice with Babaji during each visit. Our Purpose: To support the innate spirituality of young children and to expand this awareness …

Raja Yoga, the Path of Meditation

“The one whose happiness is within, whose delight is within, whose illumination is within only, that yogi becomes Brahman and gains the Beatitude of Brahman.” – Sri Krishna, Bhagavad Gita, V:24 “The mind keeps well when engaged in work. And yet, japa [repetition of the mantra], meditation and prayer also are specially needed. You must at least sit down once …

Karma Yoga, the Path of Selfless Action and Service

“Motivated action is far inferior to that performed in the equanimity of mind; take refuge in the evenness of the mind; wretched are the result-seekers.” – Sri Krishna, Bhagavad Gita, II:49 “With the mind purified by karma yoga, and the self disciplined, and the senses subdued, one who realizes one’s self as the Self in all beings, though acting, is …

Bhakti Yoga, the Path of Devotion

“…this truth about the Atman (Soul) never dawns on the minds of those who are without devotion to Me.” – Sri Ramachandra, Adhyatma Ramayana “Worship is for the purpose of cultivating Devotion. From Devotion comes Atmajnana, knowledge of the Self.” – Swami Aseshananda How do we put the non-dual teachings into practice? Sri Ramachandra teaches that without devotion for the …