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Know Your Philosophies
Eternal & Essential Facts of Nondual Indian Philosophy
1 - The Soul/Atman is different from and ever free of Nature.
2 - All of Nature has come out of the Soul, and as it does, no change takes place in the Soul.
3 - As Nature emerges from the Soul, it does so as mental projection rather than as actual creation.
4 - The Soul, Atman, has an eternal relationship with nature.  If It identifies with Nature there is suffering, but if It only associates with Nature It sports freely.
5 - Nature has manifested and unmanifested sides, by which knowing, the Soul can remain free of cycles of birth and death in ignorance.

Vedanta, in its sweep, includes all systems and perspectives.  They are Apaurasheya, Eternal.  The rishis, or seers, are the first to see It, but they would not see It if It was not there already.  Then they must decide on how to present It from age to age, culture to culture.

Vedanta siddhanta (conclusion) is that the world is unreal, an appearance.  Science siddhanta is that objects are made of particles vibrating at a billionth of a second. We must make our own profound conclusion based on these that utilizes the proofs of emptiness and change to reveal what is ever-full and ever-stationary.

Waking, dreaming, deep sleep, periods of time, etc, – all exist in the eternal moment.

Each of the 40 - 50 spiritual paths in India are manasanas – firm postures of the Mind.

Everything is unproduced in its essence.  When beings "produce" it with the mind, they court karma.

Creation, preservation, destruction are going on and on in cycles, like a tempest in a teacup, and everyone thinks they are real.  No one believes in the Atman, the eternal Soul that holds that cup.

Triputis are the way out of the dualities, and there is a way beyond the triputis too; it is called The Fourth – the Supreme State.

A tamasic person goes into deep sleep and sees nothing; but Siva withdraws and sees everything.  Siva goes inward, takes everything with Him, and examines all the particles of wisdom within.

"I am the body" is the first evolute of Maya.  This is the first deception.  Maya is the deceptive factor in the mind.

Form covers formlessness — external forms and internal forms — both cover formless essence.

Why are there so many souls?  Just notice how many waves there are on the surface of the ocean.  They are not really coming and going, are they, but rather rising and falling.


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