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Fifty-Eight Verses of Encomium to the Excellence of Self-Effort


Before entering into the play of relativity and multiplicity
via the Four States of Consciousness,
the Mother of Wisdom reminded me of
the Two Who are One, and I meditated on Them devoutly.

Then, while associating with the body, the Two Limiting
Powers of Maya beset my mind and senses
but I remembered the Divine Mother of the Universe
and rested in Her Two Priceless Jewels.

Upon opening my eyes on the universe, the Three Worlds
appeared magically, enticing me with promise.
I took refuge in the Two Highest Supreme Blessings
and was still and content.

Wondering at the nature of these worlds and their offshoots,
I came to know of the Three Eternal Gateways.
Abandoning unrighteousness, I resorted to the
Two Kinds of Knowledge and attained the Four Fruits of Life.

Coming to know of people’s attachment to lower knowledge,
I perceived Two Types of Ego. Seeking maturity,
I plunged into the Two Great Philosophical Streams
to be free of ownership and agency.

Moving about in wonder, the Threefold Miseries
next revealed their various pitfalls to me,
but the Ultracosmic Trinity came forth and saved me
as I performed the Three Alluring Offerings.

This vision opened new eyes and I looked at humanity
and saw the Four Conditions of Embodied Beings.
Compassionately noting all who suffer, I gratefully perceived
the Four Kinds of Virtuous Aspirants, and joined them.

Shortly thereafter, I met my incomparable Guru
who described to me the Three Designations of Aspirants.
Conferring upon me the Three Necessary Prerequisites
to Spiritual Life, he established me formally in the sacred path.

Almost immediately, the Three Obstacles to Self-Realization
loomed before me in intimidating fashion,
but so did the Three Transformations of Consciousness in Yoga,
which I swiftly took refuge in.

Next, I noticed the Nine Complacencies
that persist in the minds of worldly beings and novitiates,
and uncovered a profound solution
by following the Nine Levels of Awareness in Aspirants.

Early along the superlative way, my gracious Guru came forward
again to warn me about the Sixteen Evolutes of Maya.
I perceived them prevalent throughout relativity and got free
by studying the Ten Fundamental Tenets of Sankhya.

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