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As love and gratitude bubbled up blissfully within me,
I was made aware of the Nine Limbs of Bhakti,
and thereafter was vouchsafed the practice
of the Eight Devotional Aids to realize them.

While contemplating the Six Transformations of Relative
Existence, my mind became temporarily irresolute,
so I swiftly recalled the Seven Steps to the Attainment
of Kaivalya and reached blessed transcendence.

Next, the disconcerting appearance of the Triple Illusion
duly challenged my mind’s perception,
but I pierced and shattered it coursing blissfully along
the Three Plateaus of Spiritual Evolution.

The appearance in the mind of the Fourteen Worlds, seven
higher and seven lower, once caused me incertitude.
By comprehending the Four Clarities and the Five
Atmospheres of Existence, I dissolved them into their Source.

Seeking freedom from all illusions, I entered into the practice
of the Four Steps to Fundamental Detachment,
only to find to my amazement that there were
Twelve Levels of Dispassion listed in the scriptures.

Looking back, I remember well when I became acutely aware
of the Two Directions Of The Mind-Stream.
And I recall as well the precious Guru affirming the true way
with the Three Powerful Practices of Vedanta.

On one occasion, the Four Veiled Pathways
dubiously presented themselves before my tentative mind,
I swiftly initiated the Fourfold Formula for
Success in Spiritual Life and easily transcended them forever.

Then, observing the worldly, the Four Fundamental Paths of
Life revealed the potential choices for all living beings.
I refused the first, transcended the second, practiced
the Four Yogas and reached nondualism straightaway.

The practice of Yoga made me aware of Five Types of Yogis,
and I noticed how the first three fail the goal.
Resolving not to end up in this predicament, I applied myself
to achieve the Four Levels of Yogic Attainment.

When the Three Stupifactions threatened to influence
my contented life and peaceful mind,
the Four Sensitivities came to my rescue
and I thankfully tread the way of the Wise.

And no sooner did the Three Types of Karma, the Three
Gunas, and the Five Cosmic Bondages approach,
then I quickened the pace of my inner journey
by way of the Seven Victories of Involution.

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