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The Significance of Dream and Deep Sleep States

Mastering the deep sleep state means first acknowledging it and then encountering it.


If we move consciously into deep sleep, we could then prove to ourselves that we are truly a formless Essence, that we pre-exist form.


The Soul is stationary; it does not need to go anywhere.  It just dreams itself into different situations.  To quote Gaudapada, "The Atman dreams itself into form using the power of Its own Maya."


In successful meditation, one brings one's consciousness along, but in deep sleep, consciousness is left behind.


People give themselves to Om when they go to sleep.  It becomes everything to them: "The Word was God."  Then they wake up and "the Word was with God."


If one wants radiant dreams, then one needs to illumine the waking state.


I received an email the other day, and the student asked me: "How do I make my dreams lucid?"  I responded, "How else?  By making your waking state lucid."


The ego is what enjoys things....or not.  So in deep sleep, the ego must go away because one does not remember anything.  In deep sleep one goes formless and experiences complete peace.


Whatever one has done and become in the waking state shows up in the dream state.  The dream state is what heaven is when one leaves the body.  Therefore, whatever one becomes in life is what is available for one's next state of consciousness, and one's next birth.


If you want to have a rebirth in knowledge, in awareness, then you need to have a conscious life and death beforehand.


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